Who we are...

Welcome to GuiesBtt.cat
We are a tourism bicycle company, for either family or friends.
Cycling with us, being accompanied by a professional guide, and without concerning about the luggage,
the accommodation, the places to visit... Welcome to GuiesBtt.cat!! GuiesBtt.cat offers you amazing cycling routes from 1 to 7 days;
routes to enjoy, pedalling in your way, without hurry. Discovering new places in each moment,
new landscapes, new flavours –always tasting the local gastronomy-,
as well as a mount of new sensations to live with the family or friends, across the Catalan geography.
Being with a professional and native guide who will show you the most beautiful places of the journey,
supported by an assistance vehicle which will carry your luggage to your daily new homes, and taking care of your needs:
in our routes are included the meals and the lodgings, the tickets and/or tours of the castles, museums, wine cellars,
and each specified place. Furthermore, we rent mountain bikes and e-bikes.

Come to cycle with us! Come to cycle with GuiesBtt.cat